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Bangkok Property is an experienced real estate agency specialising in the Thailand residential property market. All members of our team speak English and Thai and are ready to offer valuable guidance and advice. Our fast website is frequently updated - sometimes daily - giving you an immediate audience of potential purchasors and tennants. Our listings provide both photos and narrative to show your property to its maximum potential. Whether you are selling or renting, we can help you.

To list your property today, you could just visit the contact page, fill in the form, and one of our experienced negotiators will visit your property, take the necessary photographs and produce a personalised description. Your property could be on this site within two days.

Alternatively, why not provide us with the details yourself. After all, you know your property very well - so who is better to describe it's features and benefits? Follow one of the links below, fill in the simple form, and your property could be on our site withing two hours.

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Normally, rental property with a rent of less that 10,000 TBH per month is listed in our budget database. Properties with a higher monthly rent, and all properties for sale are listed in our regular database.

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